Thursday, June 13, 2013

NUELOW Heroes and Villains: Black Wing

Black Wing was inspired by the illo below and a basic concept that was released into the public domain by artist Carter-Ethan Rankin (you can see his original idea here). Everything else in this post is presented under the Open Gaming Licence. Copyright 2013 Steve Miller. (Rules for characters with wings and flying can be found in ROLF!: Angels, Demons & Death, and elsewhere).

Black Wing (aka Helena Winger)

Black Wing (Female)
(aka Helena Winger)
Brawn 20, Body 14, Brains 9
   Traits: Mutant (Claws, Fangs, Wings; only present when she is transformed at night or underground), Stone Cold Killer, Super Power (Natural: Super Strength, Flight,. Limitation: Superpower only active at night or underground), Too Sexy for My Shirt, Unstoppable.
   Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Battle Rage, Castrate, Dodge, Double Strike, Human Cannonball, Murderous Mitts, Signature Move
   Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Natural Weapon (Small Claws, deals 2 points of melee damage) Natural Weapon (Small Fangs, deals 2 points of melee danage that ignore armor).

Origin Story
Helena Hunter was an admirer of Guardian City's shadowy masked crime-fighter and super-detective Black Bat since she was a little girl. As she entered her teens, she dedicated herself to discovering his secret identity, so she could present herself as a worthy sidekick for him.
   Helena was successful; she managed to do what no one has done before, and deduced that Black Bat is actually millionaire Wayne Grayson. To her disappointment, however, Black Bat cooly rejected her offer to become has sidekick, stating that he always works alone and has never wanted to operate a daycare center.
   Devastated, Helena posted about her achievement and rejection to her Facebook page (without mentioning which hero she had tracked down and been rejected by). One of her online Friends, however, was secretly Black Bat's long-time foe Brick Bat, and he read between the lines to grasp her achievement. He reached out to Helena, offering her superpowers in exchange for Black Bat's secret identity. Helena jumped at the chance.
   Brick Bat brought the girl to one of the many mad scientists he works with where she was subjected to a treatment that was to give her powers to rival Black Bat. Helena promised to reveal the hero's name when she had her powers, but once the treatment was over, she betrayed Brick Bat and turned on him and the scientist. The scientist died beneath her newly acquired claws and fangs while Brick Bat barely escaped with his life.

During the night hours, after the sun has completely set or before it starts to rise, when she is underground or otherwise in a place where not even reflective sun-rays can reach her, Helena transforms into a monstrous bat-woman. with wings and vicious claws and fangs. She loses her normal vision when transformed, but instead moves about as a bat would, using a sonar-like ability to avoid hitting objects as she flies. This ability also lets her hone in on people through the sounds of their hearts beating. When transformed, Helena also has super-strength and the ability to fly.

Enemies and Allies
Helena's only enemy so far is Brick Bat, who wants revenge for her betrayal. Although she is still seething with anger and resentment against Black Bat, she has not turned her powers against him, but is instead still trying to gain his approval and respect. To that end, she has taken to brutally murdering random muggers and criminals--as well as some of Guardian City's top gang-bosses. Btween the mounting sense in the criminal underworld that something will have to be done to stop her, she is soon in for some real trouble. And that's not even taking Black Bat--who frowns on muderers of any sttrip--into account.

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