Saturday, June 15, 2013

NUELOW Heroes and Villains: DMC

Another super-character for your enjoyment (and, I hope, use in your ROLF! games). Once again, the character concept and the display illo were originated by Carter-Ethan Rankin and released into the public domain. The write-up here is presented under the Open Gaming License. Copyright 2013 Steve Miller.

DMC (aka Dwayne Matthew Charles)

DMC (formerly Fasttrack) (Male)
(aka Dwayne Matthew Charles)
Brawn 23, Body 15, Brains 7
   Traits; Dead-Eye, Improv Master, Nimble, Sense of Honor, Super Power (Natural Super Speed)
   Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Disarm, Dodge, Double Strike Run Away
   Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Super Outfit (Armor, absorbs up to 2 points of damage). Asp (Small Melee Weapon, deals 2 points of damage).

Origin Story
Toronto-born Dwayne Matthew Charles began his superhero career as a kid-sidekick to the Canadian superhero duo of Mountie and Redcard under the codename Fasttrack; at the age of 10, he was bitten by a radioactive coyote and gained superhuman speed. He did not, however, care for the stressful life of a masked crime-fighter, and he had retired from the superhero game before he turned 16. He rarely used his super-speed after that.
   Dwayne had a great love of basketball--and a talent for the game. He went to college on an athletic scholarship and was being courted by recruiters for top basketball teams while he was still a sophomore. When he graduated, he stepped onto what looked to the the fast-track to basketball super-stardom.
   Fate had different plans. While walking to the corner store, he saw an elderly woman about to be hit by a bus--and he used his super-speed to rush her to safety. Dwayne had hoped no one would notice his super-rescue, but unfortunately, his action was caught on nearby security cameras and on the cellphones of bystanders. His face was instantly recognized, and when enterprising webizens compared the footage to that of Fasttrack in action, Dwayne's long-held secret was out. Within hours, reporters from every conceivable media outlet were on his doorstep.
   Dwayne explained that he wasn't Fasttrack and didn't want to be Fasttrack; if people couldn't use his name, they could always call him "DMC," he said. But by the end of the day, Dwayne was fired from the basketball team and proceedings were underway to have him blacklisted from professional sports for not revealing his super-abilities. That, in turn, let to online petitions to have him reinstated and to stop bigotry against the supra-abled. To top it off, the Mountie's old enemy Beaver Beater, showed up and challenged Dwayne to a fight--and in the chaos, his housed burned down.
   Jobless, homeless, and the face of a cause he really doesn't want to be the face of, and celebrated as the hero he didn't want to be, one of the fastest men alive found himself with nowhere to run. Reluctantly, he took on the mantle of superhero again. He is currently using DMC as his code-name, but he still holds out hope of returning to his career as a professional basketball player.

DMC has the ability to move at superhuman speeds.

Enemies and Allies
Beaver Beater has never forgiven DMC for the humiliating defeat he dealt her during his very first appearance as Fasttrack; she remains committed to crushing him to a bloody pulp. The Mountie and Redcard remain ready and willing to help DMC in any way he might need, if he asks. His sister, who entered the costumed hero-business under the name Blaxplosion, also stands ready to help him if needed.

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