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NUELOW Heroes & Villains: Punk Rock Girl

Here's another ROLF! super-character. Creator Carter-Ethan Rankin states: "She's Hallie Hiromatsu! She's a punk! She's got skin of stone! She considers herself the 4th member of Shonen Knife! She's: PUNK ROCK GIRL!"

Punk Rock Girl (aka Hallie Hiromatsu)


ROLF! Game Stats
Punk Rock Girl (Female)
aka Hallie Hiromatsu
Brawn 20 (23 when transformed), Body 15, Brains 7
   Traits: Martial Artist, Unstoppable, Super Power (Item-based: Whenever she listens to a song by Shonen Knife, she can gains Super Strength, and cause her skin to turn to stone for up to one hour (all damage suffered is reduced by 3 points). Limitation: When she transforms, her skin turns gray and pitted--like a rock--her hair becomes a short purple mohawk and her left eye becomes a jagged pit. If she hears a Shonen Knife song and does not wish to transform, she must roll a successful Brains ATT check to resist.)
   Combat Maneuvers: Backflip, Dance Move, Double Strike, Disarm, Kung Fu Face, Murderous Mitts
   Important Items Worn/Wielded: Nunchuks (Medium Melee Weapon. Deals 3 points of damage). iPod loaded with all official Shonen Knife albums, as well as several dozen bootleg recordings),

Origin Story
Teenager Hallie Hiromatsu is the youngest daughter of Hiro Hiromatsu, an American of Japanese descent who has returned with his Caucasian wife to Japan to run a language school. In truth, Hiro is the top operative of P.R.I.G. (Pacific Rim Intelligence Group) and his school serves as a front for the secretive, U.N.-sponsored spy ring.
   From literally the day she sat foot in Japan, Hallie has been a huge fan of the all-girl alternative rock band Shonen Knife. Although grounded on the night they were performing near her home, she stuck out to attend the concert with a girl friend. Before going to the concert, the two girls styled Hallie's hair in a purple mohawk, because she wanted to show her father that he may be some sort of super-spy, but he couldn't stop her from doing whatever she wanted to do.
   However, Hallie's movements had been tracked from the moment she snuck out of her house, not by her father but by the sinister North Korean super-agent Spirit of the People and her mad scientist sidekick Dr. Kim Chee ("Kim. It's just Dr. Kim!"). They in turn were being followed by Captain Freedom and his wild-child sidekick Jungle Girl. When Spirit of the People and Dr. Kim struck at the concert with the intent of kidnapping Hallie and her friend, the two heroes were ready to stop them. The Shonen Knife performance continued uninterrupted, as the band and crowd just thought it was an extra special, extra energetic night of moshing and thrashing.
   During the fight, Dr. Kim's latest death-ray gun malfunctioned  and exploded, almost killing him and overloading Shonen Knife's amplifiers and speakers. Hallie, bathed in both the weird radiation of the gun and the sonic waves of a distorted Shonen Knife tune,
underwent a strange transformation--her skin turned rock hard and she gained superpowers. While Captain Freedom evacuated Shonen Knife and the crowd from the collapsing concert venue, Hallie and Jungle Girl chased and defeated Spirit of the People.
   When Hallie reverted to her natural body soon afterwards, it became apparent that she had also been severely injured in the explosion and she almost died. Although Hallie made a full recovery, her left eye could not be saved. After recovering, her father saw that she was put through a crash-course martial arts training program, so she could defend herself and put her superpowers to use in the name of freedom and justice
 whenever she listens to a song by Japanese alternative rock band Shonen Knife.

Dr. Kim Chee's malfunctioning weapon activated dormant mutant traits in Hallie that now is triggered when she hears a song by Shonen Knife. When transformed, her Brawn ATT increases by +3 and all damage received). Hallie's transformation lasts for one hour, and she must get at least 6 hours of sleep between transformations to do them successfully. She can chose to not transform by making a successful Brains ATT check.
   Hallie's left eye is a highly advanced cybernetic prosthetic that allows her to record what she sees and transmit it to P.R.I.G. central command at will. It is non-functioning when she becomes Punk Rock Girl.

Enemies and Allies
Hallie is an Agent of P.R.I.G. and can call upon their resources. She will stop agents of P.O.T.S. whenever she can... and anyone who says a bad word about Shonen Knife had better ready for a beating.

Punk Rock Girl created by Carter-Ethan Rankin. Bikini Blur, Reiko Nakamura, and the displayed image have all been released into the public domain. Everything else (except for the names Captain Freedom, Dr. Kim Chee, Jungle Girl, and Spirit of the People, which are Product Identity) in this post is presented under the Open Gaming License, and may be reproduced accordingly, and is Copyright Steve Miller 2013. Shonen Knife is also not Open Gaming Content, and is a trademark used without permission. No challenges to ownership intended.

Shonen Knife is actually a real-world Japanese rock band, who were a favorite of Kurt Cobain. Here's are a couple of samples of their music:

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