Thursday, June 20, 2013

NUELOW Heroes & Villains: Rock God

Finishing up the soon-to-be-released second volume of "Film Fun Comics" has absorbed my time the last couple of days, but. at long last, here's another character write-up based on a creation by Carter-Ethan Rankin. The display illo and character names Rock God and Dominic Kostopolis are public domain, but all text in this post is published under the Open Gaming License. Copyright 2013 by Steve Miller,
   Note: Rock God was created using the rules for divine beings found in ROLF!: Angels, Demons & Death.

Rock God (aka Dominic Kostopolis)

(aka Dominic Kostopolis)
Brawn 28, Body 20, Brains 8
   Traits: Agent of the Divine, Wings, Unstoppable
   Combat Maneuvers: Battle Cry, Dance Move, Debate Philosophy, Fly, Seduce, Spelling (Song of Finality), Strike Pose,Yodel
   Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Guitar of the Apollo (Large Melee AND Ranged Weapon. Deals 5 of melee damage OR 3 points of ranged).

Origin Story
When the Greek god of music Apollo recently returned to Earth to do some catching up, he was appalled at the state of popular music and the lack of musical education among the supposed cultured and elite members of the various civilizations.
   Apollo briefly considered striking down 90 percent of musicians, performers, and groupies with a real "Beiber Fever" but chose instead to imbue struggling guitarist Dominic Kostopolis with divine powers to be an example to other musicians and spread good music across the globe.
   Dominic is presently in the third year of a hugely successful, non-stop tour with his band Sons of Icarus; it will eventually rival that of the Grateful Dead in length. While he mostly focuses on performing and teaching young musicians the way of real music, he has more than once entered a night club to stop musical crimes under the guise of "dub-step."

Enemies and Allies
Sonic Wave, superpowered mercenary and founder of the Vanilla Ice fan club back in the day, has been hired by talent agents and music industry executives to stop Rock God before his messages reaches too many. The two have yet to clash, but Sonic Wave is getting ready to make his move.

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