Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coming soon... "Film Fun Comics Vol. 3: British Agent 99"

One of the projects making its way through production at NUELOW Central is the third installment in the Film Fun Comics series. While Black Cat is featured in every volume of the series, she is the "guest star" in the odd-numbered books, so in Film Fun Comics Vol. 3, she plays a supporting role to star Alan Douglas aka British Agent 99.

The book will feature five comics stories from the WW2 era--the four British Agent 99 stories that appeared in Pocket Comics--including the one co-starring Black Cat--and a Black Cat tale from Speed Comics. All five comics stories are interesting from a historical perspective, because they feature as their backdrop real-world events that were very much current when they were published. Also featured is fiction by Steve Miller that details the first "team-up" of Alan Douglas and Linda "Black Cat" Turner, as well as the first mystery solved by Linda, even before she put on the mask and boots for the first time.

The book is slated for release next Tuesday. I hope you'll check it out. In the meantime, here's what will be on the cover:

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