Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Merry Christmas in July!

!L.L. Hundal loves Christmas, so it comes twice a year here at NUELOW Games -- December 24 and July 24. We also release at least two Christmas products as a result.

This year's July Christmas release, ROLF! Christmas Special III, introduces the Inventor trait to the game, as well as bringing Jill Trent and Daisy Smythe, the Science Sleuths, to the NUELOW line-up of Heroes and Villaiuns. (It also offers six pre-generated characters, two battle scenarios, and numerous combat maneuvers and traits not featured in the core ROLF! rule book.)

Oh yeah... and in our continuing quest to be recognized as the publisher of edgy and games of ultimate inclusiveness, we've got a pair of characters with the Same Sex Preference trait, who are in a relationship! Can we get some critical recognition and praise already?!

Like all other items in our catalog, ROLF! Christmas Special III is currently available at 25 percent off. This special price lasts through July 28. Click here to see our full listing of offerings.

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