Friday, August 2, 2013

New releases, more characters turned gay, and a contest!


NUELOW Games Discovers Three More Gay 
Golden Age Comic Book Characters

NUELOW Games continues to be on the cutting edge with its digital-only reprints of classic comics. Not only does the just-released Film Fun Comics Vol. 3: British Agent 99 for the first time collect that entire series in one place, but it continues the company's tradition of turning Golden Age comic book characters gay.

From a statement by NUELOW Games publisher/lead designer/creative director/editor/whatever-else-he-feels-like-calling-himself-today Steve Miller: "Over the course of our three most recent releases--ROLF!: Christmas Special III, Science Sleuths #1, and Film Fun Comics Vol. 3: British Agent 99-- L.L. Hundal and I have turned as many Golden Age comic book characters gay. Not only that, but one of the characters we turned gay is closeted. Yes... we assigned sexuality to a character where there previously wasn't any and we made that character hide in the closet. Can you get any edgier than that?"

From a statement by NUELOW Games editor/designer L.L. Hundal: "We've been putting gay characters in NUELOW Games products since 1994, since long before it was hit upon as a marketing tool by the likes of DC Comics and Piazo, and whoever else has been running around singing their own praises. We have even included the option for players to make their own gay characters in several of our games. We've been doing it quietly, and we've been doing it when it since before it was trendy. Since 2011, we've been turning Golden Age characters gay in our products... and the first time we did it, in ROLF!: Black Kitten vs. June Collyer, we didn't even think anything of it. It just seemed natural and it seemed funny.
   "We're making a big deal out of doing it this time not because we're jealous of the attention that DC Comics got when they turned Golden Age Green Lantern gay, or because Paizo got praised for being the ultimate measure in producing inclusive game material for saying some of their iconic characters are gay but not which ones, and for fluffy source material in setting manuals, but because we feel that it's time someone noticed the important and creatively weighty work that we're--
   "Oh, to hell with it. We're making a big deal out of it this time because we're attention whores, just like everyone else who jumps up and down and issues self-congratulating statements about their open-mindedness and acceptance. We did it before it was the cool thing to do, we'll be doing it after it stops being cool and becomes the norm. I feel safe in saying that we were one of the first to make gay characters a part of our core game, and we've never thought of it as anything unusual or praiseworthy. But it's apparent that everyone else thinks it is. I want some of that bloody praise. And we should get an award. Perhaps even two. At least when we deal with sexuality, we don't just do just to burnish our PC cred or for shock or marketing value."\

Miller and Hundal did not specify which Golden Age comic book characters they have turned gay this time; "We're going a give-away," Miller said. "The first three people to successfully identify which characters we turned gay in those books will receive free digital copies of all our comics releases through DrivethruComics until the end of 2013."

The contest will be formally announced through NUELOW Games' Facebook page, but the possible choices are Black Cat (aka Linda Turner), British Agent 99 (aka Alan Douglas), Daisy Smythe (no known aka), Jill Trent (no known aka), Karl Vern (no known aka), Lady Satan (aka unknown), and Tim Trent (aka Black Cat, retired), A couple of those are pretty easy to figure out, however.

Another busy day dawns for Jill Trent and Daisy Smythe,
the stars of Science Sleuths (Art by Al Camy and Frank Frazetta)

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