Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Return of Sally the Sleuth!

When Sally the Sleuth goes undercover at the culinary college operated by Chef Gordon Blue, the question isn't whether she'll solve the mystery but whether she'll manage to keep her clothes on while doing so. We hope you'll check out ROLF!: A Recipe for Evil, the latest comics/RPG hybrid project from NUELOW Games. It marks Sally's second appearance in ROLF!, and our 12th release to feature actual comics along-side the game content..

Last year, we published what we thought would be perhaps the first of two NUELOW Games products to contain actual comics--ROLF!: Turkey Shoot. It was a revival of the first woman detective in American comics and possibly even the genre's first "Good Girl," Sally the Sleuth, together with half a dozen of her earliest adventures.

That "Thanksgiving Special," however, led to way for a whole new product product category for us... the game/comic book hybrid, a concept Steve Miller has felt strongly about for many years. While we still haven't done anything with what was conceived as our second comics project (aside from a blog post written by L.L. Hundal), there have been a dozen other releases, which you can check out here. With the original Black Cat as a sort-of anchor character, we've dusted off characters that haven't been heard from since the 1940s and given them new life while presenting and remaining true to their original adventures. In some cases, we've even published, for the first time, the complete run of certain characters within a single book, like we did with the Veiled Avenger in Lady Satan and British Agent 99 in Film Fun Comics, Vol. 3.

We have many more comics/RPG hybrid comics planned. We hope you will consider checking out not only ROLF!: A Recipe for Evil, but also some of our other offerings. The Science Sleuths series is proving to be quite popular, for example, and the first few issues are devoted entirely to crime-fighting females like Sally. (With issue #3, we're adding a crime-fighting couple to the mix, as the Rocketman series joins the line-up.)

For the full listing of all our comics releases, click on the "World's Greatest Comics" badge to right. (That's right... we only publish the World's Greatest Comics here at NUELOW Games.)

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