Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'ts National Buy a Book Day! (Sept. 7)

Time to get out to your local bookstore and buy a book. Do it. Now. Then read it!

If you can't get out, we recommend you buy one of the fiction anthologies NUELOW Games has produced. They're cheap, and they exist to show you sides of writers you thought you knew but really don't. Click here for previews and to buy dowloadable PDFs that work great on your computers or iPads.

Getting a graphic novel or two also counts as supporting National Buy a Book Day. We have those at NUELOW Games as well, if you can't get out of the out of the house. Film Fun Comics Vol. 2: The Black Cat vs. HIM! and Film Fun Comics Vol. 3: British Agent 99 contain both fiction AND comics! Click here to see our selection of comics, also in PDF format and perfect for your iPad. (As an added bonus, every one of our comic book products also features RPG content!)

Support the writers, artists, publishers, and retailers among us. Keep your brain fed, and help feed those who grow and distribute that brain food!

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