Wednesday, November 13, 2013

d20 Supers (Part One)

I have an idea for superpower mechanics for use with OGL Modern and other d20 OGL systems. It uses the feats and skill tree system. Here's the starting point... characters who possess one or more of these feats each representing the weakest manifestation of traditional comic book superpowers, will then be able to pick "Superpower Talent Trees" (perhaps not the best name... but they're talent trees that give access to increasimgly strong powers),

The Superpower Talent Trees will follow in a bit.

Feel free to sound off on the feats and the idea in general. That's what the comments section is for after all. (These feats are published under the Open Game License and may be reproduced according to the terms described here. Copyright 2013 Steve Miller.)

(Part One)


Minor Power: Flight

You are able to “leap tall buildings in a single bound.”
   Benefit: You can fly (Perfect) up to 250 feet vertically, or 100 feet in horizontally. If you plummet after reaching your maximum altitude vertically, you will suffer falling damage.
   Special: This feat is a prerequisite for the Superpowers Talent Trees.

Minor Power: Invulnerability
Sticks and stones DON'T break your bones.
   Benefit: Damage from blunt, piercing, and slashing weapons is reduced by 2 points. You gain a +4 bonus to rolls made to resist or reduce damage from acid, cold, electricity, heat, and falling.
   Special: This feat is a prerequisite for the Superpowers Talent Trees.

Minor Power: Speed
You move quicker than normal people.
   Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to all initiative rolls. The character can also move up to 60 ft. in a round without suffering penalties to Move Silently or Hide skill checks.
   Special: This feat is a prerequisite for the Superpowers Talent Trees

Minor Power: Strength
You are a physical powerhouse.
   Benefit: The character’s Strength and Constitution attributes increase by 3 when this feat is chosen.
   Special: This feat is a prerequisite for the Superpower Talent Trees.       


  1. Being a d20 fan I'm interested in seeing how this takes shape.

  2. I am, too, Brianna. I'm definitely interested in seeing if there will be a "Superhero" Basic Class to accompany these Talent Trees.

    Just a word of advice, though, Mr. Miller: Be careful that your work doesn't resemble the work Skortched Urf' Studio did with its Powered Hero Basic Class or anything from RPG Objects' Blood and Vigilance series too closely. I just don't want anyone accusing you of "ripping off" either of those two companies, for their work with superpowers is actually held in pretty high regard. Otherwise, I say go for it!

  3. It's not going to be possible to be careful, as I've never seen any of the products you reference. :)

  4. Oh! And there won't be a bais class to go along with the feats and trees. The existing classes work just find, IMO.

    But I hope you like the stuff when I put it up after getting back the play-test notes from Hundal's game group

  5. What the heck was I smoking when I made that last reply?