Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Coming to a bookstore near you -- "Ginger & Snap"!

It began as a joke when someone hinted that if 1940s gender-swapping twins "Ginger and Snap" were created today, the series would have a totally different tone and thrust. We found the joke so amusing that we even worked up a mock ad for the "modern" title Ginger & Snap.

Guess what? What started as a joke will be reality by this time next year! A deal has been signed between NUELOW Games and Catalan Communications to create an all-new 64-page graphic novel featuring a more mature/adult take on Ginger and Snap's gender-bending exploits. It will be illustrated by Milo Manara (of "Click" and "The Great Adventure"  fame) and co-scripted by NUELOW's Steve Miller and L.L. Hundal. The graphic njovel will also feature a 16-page d20 OGL supplement that will make Feats of an Adult Nature look like a Kindergarten ABC primer.

Our little comics projects are bringing us success beyond imagination... and we didn't even have to do a Kickstarter to make it happen!

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