Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In Memory of the Great Lee Elias

On this day in 1920, May 21, Lee Elias, one of the great Good Girl artists of the Golden Age of Comics was born. He was the primary artist on the original Black Cat, and he was the first to give form to amnesiac Indian Princess Firehair... and as adept as he was at drawing beauty, he drew horror just as well, as shown by the man horror covers he drew.

In memory of Lee Elias, we are offering Black Cat Shows You How to Do Judo Tricks at half of the usual price. It's a book showcasing both Elias' Good Girl art, as well as his faithfulness to realism when it came to drawing martial arts moves in the Black Cat comics.

And even bigger treat is the fact that we're giving away NUELOW Stock Art Collect #1: The Black Cat in Action for free. This package of art adapted primarily from Elias's art is a treasure trove of Black Cat illos that you are able to use for whatever purpose you like, so long as you follow a few simple licensing restrictions.

These special prices are good through the end of Memorial Day, May 26, 2014.

Free stock art (through Memorial Day)!

Black Cat and RPG martial arts rules!

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