Friday, July 18, 2014

Black Cat ala d6xd6 CORE

A new love here at NUELOW Games HQ is Lester Smith's d6xd6 CORE RPG. This slick, infinitely pliable game system may well become a regular element of our comics projects going forward, appearing along-side ROLF! and d20 OGL Modern.

I'm also hoping that the current Kickstarter to fund the Popcorn Press release of the game picks up some steam, because I'm is slated to present the superhero setting that's been coming together in our books over the past year using the d6xd6 CORE system. That's assuming the project reaches a funding level of $17,500, as my contribution is part of the Pulp Adventure bonus pack that gets added to the line-up at that point.

Meanwhile, and in the hopes of inspiring you to go take a look at the Kickstarter and maybe contribute--every reward for the pledge level beyond $24 is very, very cool in my opinion. And well worth the money--is NUELOW Games' favorite woman of mystery, Black Cat, presented via dt6xd6 CORE.


Name: Black Cat (Linda Turner) • Gender: Female • Age: 23
  Focused: Grace
  Unfocused: Brawn, Wits
  Unknown: Will
Occupation: Performer (Actress)
Focused Skills: Athletics (Occupation Bonus), Martial Arts, Motorcycle, Persuasion, Ride Animal, Sneaking, Swimming
Unfocused Skills: Lock Picking, Throwing, Tracking
Focus Rating: 7

The book and a total of 12 settings have already funded, so you really can't lose even if you contribute just $1, as it will get your the core book and four settings. The rewards for supporters in this Kickstarter are all extremely generous! There are two weeks left on the Kickstarter window. Won't you help get it to $17.5K, so Black Cat can offically join the d6xd6 Core line-up of characters?

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