Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Get the Complete NUELOW 'Judy of the Jungle'

One of the more popular offerings from NUELOW Games has been our "Judy of the Jungle" series. It presents the best stories of a girl who, after being raised by her misanthropic father to feel more kinship with nature and animals than other humans, becomes a self-appointed guardian of justice in the wilds of Africa.

Along side the reprints of classic pulp adventure comics illustrated by Ralph Mayo, the Judy series offers OGL d20-compatible and d6xd6 CORE roleplaying game rules for use in creating your own jungle adventures with your game group. The books also feature Judy of the Jungle short stories, and the classic landmark comic book tales from Matt Baker "Voodah" and "South Sea Girl," which star rare non-white jungle heroes.

Art by Alex Schomburg
We have recently released the third and final volume in the series -- Judy of the Jungle: Murder Goes Native. It's getting good reviews, and fans are picking it up... but to make life easy for those who have come late to the party, we are offering it and the other Judy books in a one-stop download as The Complete NUELOW Judy of the Jungle bundle.

In addition to the three Judy of the Jungle books -- Judy of the Jungle: The Lords of Memnon, Judy of the Jungle: Warriors of the Laughing Hyena, and Judy of the Jungle: Murder Goes Native -- the bundle contains The Revenge of Santos: A ROLF! Christmas Special, the product that introduce Judy to the NUELOW audience.

Art by Alex Schomburg

If you're a newcomer to the adventures of Judy, the bundle has everything... and if you've been with us since the beginning, I really encourage you to grab a copy of Murder Goes Native, as not only does it contain some of the best work of the legendary Matt Baker, but it's a good introduction to the d6xd6 CORE Roleplaying Game. (And it also has some systemless adventure generating tools that are useful for any RPG set in a pulp fiction jungle environment.)

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