Saturday, September 6, 2014

Now appearing in the center ring -- PRINCESS PANTHA!

In 1946, the world-famous circus performer and animal trainer Princess Pantha vanished while on safari in Africa. NUELOW Games proudly brings you the story of what happened next.

By Art Saaf
Princess Pantha: The Hunt for M'Gana is the first of two books collecting the best of this foray by Nedor/Standard into the "jungle girl" genre during the 1ate 1940s. If you like jungle action and strong female characters, you'll like Princess Pantha, because she may lost in the jungle when we first meet her, but she ends up rescuing her "savior" more than he ends up rescuing her.

In addition to some fun comics classics (by Art Saaf and Ralph Mayo, the main talents behind NUELOW's Judy of the Jungle series), The Hunt for M'Gana contains new feats and talent trees so gamers playing d20 System games (such as OGL or d20 Modern or Pathfinder) can create their own heroes with animal training skills that rival those of Pantha. game section also features the stars of the series, Princess Pantha and Dane Hunter, written up as d20 Modern characters.

Click here to see previews of Princess Pantha: The Hunt for M'Gana, or to download your own copy.

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