Saturday, September 20, 2014

The roots of ROLF!

NUELOW's ROLF! game began its life as a parody of RPGs. One of the first battle scenarios (which has since been lost to time) that was played using a draft of the game that was little more than three paragraphs, involved two male models beating each other up during a fashion show, and the winner then having to face off against a child model (which may or may not have been skinny little Milla Jovovich--neither L.L. Hundal nor I remember for certain if that was the case... but our Jovovich obsession does go way, WAY back).

But we both recall that the one thing that was present in the game from the earliest draft was a battle maneuver (that later became a trait) called Too Sexy For My Shirt. And it was there because that very first battle scenario was inspired by Right Said Fred's song and video "I'm Too Sexy."

That song remains part of ROLF!'s DNA even now, some 20 years later. Check it out below.


They're too sexy for their shirts: Right Said Fred

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