Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cheaper by the bundle!

Our jungle adventure-themed releases have been among our most popular offerings. You can now get the complete selections of NUELOW Judy of the Jungle and Princess Pantha in easy one-click-to-purchase downloads, as well save yourself a little money. Between these bundles, you get some of the best jungle girl comics ever published with artwork by such great talents as Ralph Mayo, Art Saaf, and Alex Schomburg.

The Complete NUELOW Judy of the Jungle Bundle contains all three Judy of the Jungle books, as well as the 2013 ROLF! Christmas Special that introduced her to the NUELOW line-up. In addition to great comics, these books include meaty game material, such as new OGL Modern starting professions and talent trees geared for jungle-dwelling heroes, a jungle adventure/encounter generator, and game statistics for Judy and her friends and foes for OGL d20 Modern, ROLF!, and Lester Smith's CORE Roleplaying Game. As an extra special treat, these books also include three adventures of South Sea Girl drawn by the legendary "good girl" artists Matt Baker. The collection is 10% than the cost of buying the books individually. Click here for more details.

By Alex Schomburg
The Princess Pantha Collection Bundle contains both books starring the circus performer-turned-globetrotting-jungle-girl-adventurer, as well as a collection of illustrations of Judy and Pantha by Schomburg, Mayo, and Saaf that are released under a royalty free license that permits you to use them in any project you like, personal or commercial. On the game front, the set includes OGL d20 Modern presents new talent trees and starting professions geared for creating characters with Pantha's knack for showmanship, animal training, and jungle skills, as well as a complete supplement for ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game. This bundle is a full 30% off the cost of buying each book separately, which means you are essentially getting the art collection for free. Click here for more details.

By Alex Schomburg

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