Saturday, February 14, 2015

OGL d20 Safety Dance Feats!

Who in their right mind would adapt a music video to the OGL d20 game system? No one, which is why Steve Miller of NUELOW Games did just that.

The following two feats were inspired by the video for the great pop tune "Safety Dance" from Men Without Hats. We naturally lay no claim to the song or the video, but the following rules text is presented under the Open Game License and may be reproduced in accordance with it. OGL Safety Dance Feats! Copyright Steve Miller 2015.

By Steve Miller

   Prerequisite: Bard lv. 3
   Benefit: You gain a 1st level halfling bard as your follower. This NPC gains a level for every 2 levels you gain. The GM generates the initial stats (with the halfling having at least two ranks in Perform (dance), Perform (sing) and Perform (string instrument), but the player is otherwise responsible for tracking the character's development. Any rules that exist in the campaign for followers apply to this character, except as noted above.

   Prerequisite: Bard lv. 8, Perform (dance) 6 ranks, perform (sing) 6 ranks, ability to cast the Irresistible Dance spell
   Benefit: You cast Irresistible Dance. For each following round, a number of characters equal to your Charisma bonus within 30 ft and line of sight. of the initial target must roll Will save at a -4 penalty. Each character who fails the saving throw also begins to dance. You can choose to lead dancing characters in a procession of dancers if you choose--they will follow you, mimicking your dance move for as long as the Irresistible Dance effect lasts.
   Special: The maximum duration of the effect on all dancing characters is 2d4+2 rounds from the point Irresistible Dance is cast. If you stop leading the dancers, they continue to dance in place until the duration is over. If any one of them is attacked or injured while dancing, all dancers receive individual Will saves. Those who succeed stop dancing and can act normally.


  1. Ha! In my wife's campaign world, the Safety Dance inspired a trio of minor gods.

    Also the some of the group did some Western-themed rock as the MacKenzie-Parker Gang.

  2. Wait, wait, wait.

    As a long-time fan of Men Without Hats, I must object to the second feat presented. (And by long-time fan, I mean: when CDs were much larger, were colored black not chrome, and there was no DRM to stop you from playing both sides of the disc.)

    It is called The Safety Dance because it is “safe to dance”. It is a poor safety dance if any of the dancers could be “attacked or injured while dancing.”

    Also, the still that you've taken from the video is a rather unfortunate choice. The appearance is as though the gained halfling sidekick isn’t that much a faithful follower, having just punched your bard in the stomach with the stringed instrument.

    Or, if you plan on interpreting dwarves in music videos as malevolent halflings with some bent on the title of the song, please do us a favor and stay away from Peter Gabriel's Shock The Monkey.

    A concerned citizen.

    1. A late response...

      You have a good point, but the bard is certainly safe for the duration.

      As for the still, I really wanted to use the girl with the goofy face, but I couldn't get a capture where she was clear. :)