Monday, May 25, 2015

A draft feat for patriot/nationalistic/ethnically focused heroes

A draft of an OGL d20 feat that's suitable for characters like Captain America, Sabra, Pat Patriot, Major Victory, Bronze Terror, and many others. If used with OGL Modern, it should be added to the bonus feats available to Dedicated Heroes.

Spirit of a Nation
Identify a nation or ethnic group. You are a champion of that people and aspire to be a living embodiment of their highest ideals.
   Prerequisite: Charisma 15
   Benefit: Gain a +4 bonus to your attack rolls against foes who have declared themselves to be, or are recognizable through their uniform or other means, as enemies of those you champion.
   Special: If you have 5 or more ranks in Sense Motive, you gain a +2 synergy bonus to all Diplomacy and Intimidation skill checks.

Bronze Terror, a defender of his Native American tribe,
tribe, would be a character with the Spirit of a Nation feat.
(Cover from Real American No. 1 by Dick Briefer)

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