Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm Steve Miller, and today's my birthday!

And I'm hoping that we can give each other gifts!

I'm putting some of the most noteworthy NUELOW Games titles on sale, as well as some of my favorites and/or ones that have fiction in them that I wrote. Several of these titles mark the first (and, as far as I know, still the ONLY time) that the stories within have been reprinted and collected in one place.

My gift to you is savings on great comics, roleplaying game material, and fiction. Your gift to me is the royalties I get on the sales AND the warm-and-fuzzy feeling I get whenever one of the NUELOW Games titles makes it to a general top-seller list.

Here are the titles that are discounted through May 10, 2015; click on the links beneath the cover images to see previews, prices, and to get your copy. (And while you're shopping, check our Sci-Fi Sale!)

The only compete collection of the
Kismet and the Penny Parker series.
Includes OGL d20 System rules.

The only complete collection of the
Miss Espionage and the Angela series.
Includes fiction by Steve Miller, and rules for,
the OGL d20 System and ROLF! game.

The only complete collection of the
Iron Lady series. With fiction by Steve Miller
and a full ROLF! supplement.
Horror comics and fiction from
Saul Rosen, Robert E. Howard, and Steve Miller

An innovative magic system  for d20 Games.
It is expanded upon in many NUELOW releases.

The only full collection of Ralph Mayo & Ann Adams' Starlight series.
Contains a Native American OGL d20 setting.
Golden Age teen superheroes from Bill Madden.
With game rules for OGL d20, ROLF!,
and Hideots & Hoodlums
The only complete collection of the Ginger & Snap series.
Light gender-swapping comedy, with a complete
ROLF! supplement included.

NUELOW's flagship game!
(We gave options for gay characters before it was cool!)

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