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More of the Immortals

Art by Storn Cook
The latest release from NUELOW Games--Secrets of the Immortals for the d20 System--complies and expands upon material that first appeared on this blog. Secrets of the Immortals contains everything you need to include Immortal characters in your d20 System-based roleplaying game--the Immortal character template, how it is obtained, and feats exclusive to Immortals, and information about a race whose highly advanced, spacefaring civilization is to a large extent built around the Immortals and their activities.

If you saw the original posts here on the blog, you could probably tell what the main source of inspiration was the sort of Immortals who travel about in vehicles that are bigger on the inside than the outside. This post provides a feat that lets you add ones to the mix that are similar to ones who have names like Connor or Raven or McCloud while adding a second race to the mix of aliens who also have Immortals at the center of their culture.

Like the Secrets of the Immortals book, all text in this post is released under the Open Game License and may be reproduced in accordance with it. Copyright 2015 by Steve Miller.

This feat is available only to Immortal characters who meet the prerequisites. It may be chosen under any circumstance that the character selects a feat.

Sense Immortal [Immortal] 
You can sense when you are near other Immortals.
   Prerequisite: Immortal Template, Spot 4 ranks.
   Benefit: When you are within 60 feet of another Immortal, the GM tells you you feel as though something is "off" or as if "someone just walked over your grave" or some other statement to show you are sensing something unusual. Upon making a successful Spot skill check (DC15), you can identify the source of your unease--another Immortal. If the Immortal is out of your line of sight, you know exactly where he or she is. (The sense of unease ends as soon as you recognise the other Immortal.)
   The sense of unease also ends if the Spot check reveals some other threat or mystery that draws your attention.
   Note: GMs may or may not be calling your attention to another Immortal. Sometimes, it's something entirely different that's going on. Whichever is the case, the sense that something is wrong is dispelled once your attention is caught by something in the area.

Art by Permission of OWC
There Can Be Only One [Immortal] 
You absorb the extra life force in other Immortals you kill.
   Prerequisite: You must have used the Pool of All at least twice.
   Benefit: When you kill an Immortal and are within melee range when he or she dies, you make a Fortitude save (DC20). If the check is successful, the Recreation Process happens to to you instead of the Immortal slain, and you gain 1/2 (round up) of the lives the now-dead Immortal had remaining. If the check is unsuccessful, still go through the Recreation process, but you only gain a bonus feat and suffer 2d6+the number of lives the now-dead Immortal had left, as the energy is blasted into the universe.
   Special: Upon selecting this feat, you may replace any single other feat you possess with another feat from the Immortal feat group that you qualify for. If the replaced feat was a prerequisite for other feats, you lose their benefits until you have the prerequisite again.

The Caedens are a race of feline humanoids who first encountered portals to the Pool of All when they when were at an Iron Age stage of development, at a very clannish and war-like stage in their history, and still very much in touch with the predators they had evolved from.
   While Caeden civilisation as a whole has left the barbarism of their ancient history in the past, the Immortals among them keep the predatory side of their nature very much alive. While Caeden Immortals are the first to come to the defense of their own people, they habitually see other races as prey to be toyed with--either with mean-spirited games of intellectual one-upsmanship, or through tests of strength and battle prowess. They also delight in hunting other Immortals, be they of their own race or an alien one. They hunt them for sport, and to enhance their own immortality, as the Caedens long ago discovered the dark ways through which one Immortal can steal the Recreation of another and make it his or her own. Some Caedans have accumulated hundreds of lives by killing other Immortals.
   For millenia, the Caeden Immortals have been hated and feared by other Immortals, but they have slowly been abandoning their predatory ways, as they have come to realise that only by banding together with other Immortals will they be able to stand against the most serious threat the galaxy has ever known: The life-destroying and increasingly powerful Anaki.

Caeden Characters
Caeden characters are generated in the same fashion as Humans in your preferred d20 System variant, with the following changes:
   Racial Bonus: When created, Caeden characters gain ability bonuses of +2 Strength and +1 Charisma. They are naturally powerfully built and agile.
   Bonus Feat: Caedens must choose Athletic, Agile, Jump, or Run as their bonus feat during character creation.

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