Friday, October 9, 2015

The Staff of the Flesh Golem (for D&D/d20 System/OSR games)

Here's a magic item that was made up on the spur of the moment as I ran my D&D game today.

Staff of the Flesh Golem
This staff acts as a +4 weapon when wielded against flesh golems. It functions as a +1 weapon under all other circumstances.
   Once per day, the user can summon a flesh golem by striking the staff on the ground and shouting, "To me, my minion!"

A sorceress prepares to use her staff of the fesh golem. (Photo by Bexxin)
   The summoned flesh golem appears in a cloud that reeks of sulfur and embalming fluid. It follows simple commands from the summoner, and will fight to defend or to get him or her to safety even if the summoner is unable to issue that direct command. The summoned flesh golem exists for up to six hours before vanishing in a puff of putrid-smelling smoke. If destroyed, it vanishes in the same fashion.
   The Staff of the Flesh Golem can be wielded by any character that can cast spells.

(The text in this post is released under the Open Game License. Copyright 2015 by Steve Miller.)


  1. I like it! Only, how common are flesh golems in your campaign?

  2. They are not at all common in games that I run. I've used them maybe three times in Ravenloft campaigns (two of them related to a specific NPC--not Mordenheim; never had a party go to Lamordia), and once or maybe twice in Mystara (not counting the staff here, which I'm not sure counts as a use.)