Friday, November 6, 2015

A Talent Tree and Feat for Urban d20 Modern, Dawg!

For your Urban d20 Modern games...

(This material is released under the Open Game License and may be reproduced in accordance with it. Copyright 2015 by Steve Miller)

Gangbanger Talent Tree (By Steve Miller)
Talents from this tree may be selected by Tough Heroes or Strong Heroes when they gain talents.
   Weapon Skilz!: Your non-proficiency penalty with the use of small arms is reduced to -2. You can also hold an automatic or semi-automatic weapon in the most idiotic fashion you want while firing, without dropping it or being hit by ejecting cartridges.
   Fashun Senz!: You can wear oversized pants with no belt and only suffer -10 feet to your movement rate when running. You penalty to Climb, Jump, and Run skill checks is reduced to -4.
   Colur Senz!: Pick a color. When you wear that color, you gain +2 Defense Rating. Pick another color. When you see someone wearing it, make a Will save. If you fail the save, you must attack them. You gain +2 to all attack and damage rolls against the target. (This talent may be chosen up to five times. You must select different other color each time. The +2 bonus to the Defense Rating only applies once.)
   Help, Help! I'z Bein Oppressed: You gain +4 to all Bluff and Diplomacy checks when dealing with reporters if you're anything but white and end up on the news. The bonus increases to +6 if you were looting a shop, setting a car on fire, or protesting policing at the time.

Homie-flage Feat (By Dave Mendez)
You may go onto enemy turf wearing their colors without getting caught.
   Benefit: Gain +5 to Bluff skill checks while disguised as a member of another gang in their territory.
  Special: If one of your own homies sees you wearing your enemies color, he starts tripping and calls you out as a buster. You suffer -5 to all skill checks when dealing with your own crew til you improve your rep with your homies.


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