Sunday, November 29, 2015

On November 30, it's Black Monday at NUELOW Games...

... because we can't keep the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing straight, we decided to merge the Friday and Monday sales into one. We also wanted an excuse to post this picture someone took at a Japanese department store.

Nothing can describe NUELOW's Black Monday sale better than that!
All our rpg/comics hybrid books, OGL d20 System supplements, fiction collections, and stock art collections are on sale for 20% for JUST ONE DAY! So, if you have any money left over after this weekend of shopping for deals, maybe you can throw some our way? Our comics collections and fiction anthologies are cool... and our d20 System supplements are oddball.

The sale runs at RPGNowDriveThruComicsDriveThruFiction, and DriveThruRPG from 7am November 30 to 7am December 1 (Pacific Time).

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