Thursday, November 19, 2015

The superpower for unlucky sad sacks

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Art by Kerry Callen

Between the Legion of Substitute Heroes and the Great Lake Avengers, even mainstream comic book universes have their superpowered failures and comic relief. This little expansion to NUELOW Games' superpower system is for heroes who make the most out of their flubs. In fact, failing IS their superpower.

Your failures make you stronger!
   Benefit: Whenever you fail a skill check tied to the Charisma attribute, you gain a +2 bonus to a future skill check or attack action that is not Charisma-based. The bonus must be used before the end of the encounter during which the initially failed skill check took place.

You must have at least one Minor Power Feat to qualify for any of the talents from this tree.
  Clumsy: Whenever you fail a Dexterity-based die roll (including ranged attacks) or a Reflex save, you gain a temporary +4 bonus to Charisma. This benefit lasts for the duration of the encounter during which the original failed roll took place.
  Slow on the Uptake: Whenever you fail a Wisdom-based die roll or a Willpower saving throw, you gain a temporary +4 bonus to your Intelligence. This benefit lasts for the duration or the encounter during which the failed roll took place.
   That Which Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger: Whenever you fail a Constitution-based skill check, or a Fortitude save, you gain a temporary +4 bonus to your Strength. This benefit lasts for the duration of the encounter
  Focus On the Negative: Choose one other talent from this tree that you've already selected. The temporary bonus lasts for a number of hours equal to your Will save bonus. You may choose this talent up to three times, each time applying it to a different talent from this tree.
  Destined to Fail: Once per session, when you fail a skill check to a horrendous degree (more than 8 below the target number), you may invoke this trait. At the speed of thought, the realization as to how actions you took earlier set you up for this failure flash into your mind. If you describe the event that preceded this disaster, and if the GM things it's plausible or amusing, you may immediately re-try the action. (You make the re-try on the same initiative that you already acted on.)
  Prerequisite: The Power of Embarrassment minor power feat

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