Friday, May 27, 2016

Mad about Marvel's treatment of Captain America?

The latest bit of brilliance (?) from the House of Ideas has been to turn Captain American into a supervillain--a deep cover Hydra agent who never was the hero he pretended to be. A good number of people are upset at this, given that the character (and his alter ego Steve Rogers) have been a symbol of the American ideal from the beginning.

Instead of being upset, we here at NUELOW Games recommend that fans instead pick a point where the "real" Captain American stories ended and simply ignore whatever dreck Marvel prints. (For me, it's the end of the story arc where Steve Rogers returned to the role of Captain America after his stint as US Agent.). Then, to fill the empty space for reading material, you can turn to other patriotic superheroes. Here's a selection you can start with--all from NUELOW Games and all guaranteed to never be subjected to the sort of character assassination that Marvel appears to have visited upon Captain America.

These star-spangled heroes gave their lives for their country and were given the opportunity to keep fighting by the powerful entity known as Father Patriot. Every single one of their appearances from the Golden Age of Comics (along with the never-before-revealed origin of Yankee Girl) are contained in Complete Golden Age Oddballs: Major Victory & Yankee Girl.

Available at DriveThruComics, DriveThruRPG, and RPGNow

A working class daughter of immigrants, who devoted herself to fighting America's enemies on the home front while becoming a symbol of America, Patricia Patrios is as American and as heroic as they come. The Pat Patriot collection from NUELOW Games features four of her greatest adventures.
Available at DriveThru Comics, DriveThruRPG, & RPGNow

The Bronze Terror is secretly the successful attorney Jeff Dixon. A Native American, Jeff fights to defend the rights and reputations of Native Americans both in and out of the courtroom... and when the law comes up short, he dons a mask and continues the fight outside court as the Bronze Terror. Real American No. 1 collects the best stories featuring the Bronze Terror.

Available at DriveThruComics, DriveThruRPG, and RPGNow
Each of these books not only bring you adventures by great patriotic superheroes, but they contain rules and scenarios that can get you started on creating your own adventures featuring them--as you play ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game with your friends! Stop stewing over Marvel and start reading and creating something new and better!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

d20 Donald Trump

It's almost a sure thing that the Republicans are going to nominate Donald Trump as their presidential candidate for the 2016 election. To help you get used to the idea of even more Trump on television and on the news and eventually (maybe) in the White House, here he is as viwed through the lense of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game. (He was created using rules from NUELOW's OGL Redheads product, which we just released this past weekend. You should use it to make your d20 System games great again!)

"I.m going to roll so many 20s on my skill cheks, you'll be sick of it."
Charismatic Hero 8/Smart Hero 4/Dedicated Hero 2
   CR 14; Medium Humanoid (human); HD 14d6, hp 51, Mas 10; Init -1, Spd 30 ft.; Def 17 (-1 Dex, +5 class, +3 [+1 mastercraft] undercover shirt); BAB +7, Grap +7; Atk stun gun +7/+2 melee (1d3 electricity and stun); FS/R ft./5 ft.; AL ambition, self; SV Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +10; AP 7, Rep +10
   Str 10, Dex 9, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 9, Cha 16.
   Template: Redhead
   Starting Occupation: White Collar (class skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge [business])
   Skills: Bluff +18, Computer Use +4, Craft (writing) +6, Diplomacy +18, Forgery +10, Gamble +8, Gather Information +11, Intimidate +10, Investigate +12, Knowledge (behavioral sciences) +14, Knowledge (business) +27, Knowledge (civics) +9, Knowledge (current events) +17, Knowledge (streetwise) +14, Profession +19, Sense Motive +11.
   Languages: English (literate, native).
   Feats: Attentive, Confident, Deceptive, Iron Will, Quick Tempered, Redhead, Renown, Robust Redhead, Windfall (x3).
   Talents (Charismatic): Deathly Pale, Disease Resistance, Fast Talk, Favor.
   Talents (Dedicated): Reflective Skin
   Talents (Smart): Plan, Savant (Knowledge [business])
   Possessions: business suit, expensive and gaudy watch, smart phone with all the features, laptop computer (with upgrade, provides +1 bonus to Computer Use checks [not included in statistics block above], has a cell modem and broadband modem), suitcase, stun gun

All text in this post is presented under the Open Game License, and Donald Trump's name and likeness is used here in a satirical manner, under the fair use provisions of the US Copyright laws. If you find this material amusing or useful, please support our efforts by buying some of our actual releases.

(By the way, this is the second time we've given game stats to The Donald. You can see what he looks like in the ROLF! rollplaying game in Professor Fiend.)

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Clothes of the Dead!

Random magic and curses from the thrift shop--presented under the Open Game License! (Copyright 2016 by Steve Miller)

Modern heroes who are low on funds can hit the local Salvation Army or Good Will outlets in search of magical treasures hidden among the other second-hand items. When they go shopping, roll on the first chart to see what item they find that's more than just another cheap bit of clothing, then roll on the second to see what the specific item does. Unless otherwise noted, all modifiers only apply while the item is worn.

Bonuses and penalties can only be determined when the item is used in the situation is provides modifiers for. In campaigns where the PCs have access to the means to detect magic and determine the functions of magic items, all the thrift store items radiate magic. Any attempt to determine their function "reveals" them to be artifacts with uncertain purposes. Characters who do research into the items, Arcane Knowledge, Occult Lore, or Research skill checks (DC18) will yield the information that Marion K. Basset (television personality and occult expert) has delivered multiple lectures on such items at conventions and is reported to be working on a book about them, She may be able to help assertain more details about them items.

1. Hat
2. Gloves
3. Jacket
4. Shirt
5. Pants
6. Footwear

1. +1 to all Charisma-based checks when worn
2. +2 to all Charisma-based checks directed at sex to which character is attracted.
3. +4 to Disguise checks
4. The item appears magical, but there it has no actual benefit or drawback
5. -4 to all Intelligence-based skill checks
6. +1 to Defense Rating, but -6 to all Wisdom-based skill checks

Gloves (unless otherwise noted, both gloves must be worn)
1. +1 to all Dexterity-based skill checks when worn.
2. +2 to all Craft and Repair skill checks when worn.
3. +2 to all Disable Device and Slight of Hand skill checks.
4. +2 to all Perform (Dance) skill checks; +4 if just the right hand glove is worn.
5. -4 to all Disable Device and Repair skill checks
6. -4 to all Repair skill checks, but +1 bonus to Fort saves to resist Cold Damage.

1. +2 bonus to Fort saves to resist Cold and Heat Damage (stacks with similar bonuses),
2. +2 to Defense Rating (stacks with similar bonuses),
3. +4 to Investigate skill checks,
4. +2 to Investigate skill checks, but -4 to Sense Motive skill checks
5. -2 to Defense Rating,
6. -2 to Fort saves to resist Cold and Heat Damage (stacks with similar bonuses),

1. The shirt never stains or becomes dirty.
2. +1 to Defense Rating OR +4 to skill checks related to acts of Seduction (when the top buttoms are undone).
3. +2 to Bluff and Diplomacy skill checks..
4. The spirit of the former owner haunts you. 50% chance that electronic devices being used near you malfunction at the worst possible time.
5. Enemies will target the wearer above other party members once they spot him or her.
6. -4 to all Charisma-based checks.

1. +2 to all Balance and Climb skill checks.
2. +2 to all Reflex saving throws
3. Pants tighten when worn. +4 to all skill checks relating to seduction.
4. +1 to Defense Rating (stacks with other bonuses).
5. -2 to all Reflex saving throws
6. 50% chance pants fall down at the worst possible moment (while character is fleeing a dangerous situation, for example).

1. + 4 bonus to Run skill checks.
2. +2 bonus to Move Silently and Perform (Dance) skills checks.
3. Movement Rate doubled.
4. -2 to Defense Rating to Dodge attacks (stacks with other bonuses).
5. 1d4 hours after being put on, a strong odor starts emanating from character's feet, imposing a -4 penalty on all Hide skill checks.
6. -2 to all Reflex saving throws and Run skill checks.

Roll 1d6 against teh table below. If several enchanted items are found, then roll that number of times against the ITEMS FOUND table and subtables to determine their types and enchantments.
1. None
2. 1d2
3. 1d2+1
4. 1d2+2
5. 1d2+3
6. None

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

For your 5E game session needs!

Generic Non-Player Characters: An Assortment of Spies, Soldiers, Knights and Criminals is the latest release from NUELOW Games. From our go-to designer for items compatible with D&D Fifth Edition, this book contains a bunch of statistics to pit the PCs against (or to support them with) as an adventure unfolds. Set up in the same format as the 5E Monster Manual, it's a collection that's bound to make a DM's life easier.

Art by Storn Cook
This product is available from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. Click on the site names to see previews or to get your own copy.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

It's the Big Founder's Day Sale!

Everything NUELOW Games has to offer is 50 percent off for one day only--in celebration of our publisher's birthday!

Today is the perfect day to find your new favorite comic book character, add some new flavor to your d20 System games, to discover the wonders of ROLF! and rollplaying, or do see that Robert E. Howard's work is much more (and much better) than his Conan stories.

EVERYTHING from NUELOW can be found at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG! This sale lasts through 9am (CT) on May 8, so don't delay!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

'Monster, Monster: Vampires' on sale now!

With game designer Andrew Pavlides and artist Pablo Marcos once again front-and-center, we've released our third product for D&D Fifth Edition--Monster, Monster: Vampires

Cover art by Michael Wolmarans
Monster, Monster: Vampires is more than twice the size of the previous entries in the series. It contains five vampire variants of use with your Fifth Edition games, three adventure hooks revolving around unique vampire personalities, and two chilling, offbeat illustrated vampire tales. Andrew and Pablo are joined this time out by "guest contributors" Ed Fedory and Steve Miller, while Robert Martin and Ricardo Villamonte provide most of the spot illustrations. It's all behind a creepy cover by Michael Wolmarans.

Monster, Monster: Vampires is available at RPGNow, DriveThruComics, and DriveThruRPG. You can see previews at any of those sites. Further, it's already been reviewed! Click here to see what was said bout the book on the RPG Crazy blog.