Friday, May 27, 2016

Mad about Marvel's treatment of Captain America?

The latest bit of brilliance (?) from the House of Ideas has been to turn Captain American into a supervillain--a deep cover Hydra agent who never was the hero he pretended to be. A good number of people are upset at this, given that the character (and his alter ego Steve Rogers) have been a symbol of the American ideal from the beginning.

Instead of being upset, we here at NUELOW Games recommend that fans instead pick a point where the "real" Captain American stories ended and simply ignore whatever dreck Marvel prints. (For me, it's the end of the story arc where Steve Rogers returned to the role of Captain America after his stint as US Agent.). Then, to fill the empty space for reading material, you can turn to other patriotic superheroes. Here's a selection you can start with--all from NUELOW Games and all guaranteed to never be subjected to the sort of character assassination that Marvel appears to have visited upon Captain America.

These star-spangled heroes gave their lives for their country and were given the opportunity to keep fighting by the powerful entity known as Father Patriot. Every single one of their appearances from the Golden Age of Comics (along with the never-before-revealed origin of Yankee Girl) are contained in Complete Golden Age Oddballs: Major Victory & Yankee Girl.

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A working class daughter of immigrants, who devoted herself to fighting America's enemies on the home front while becoming a symbol of America, Patricia Patrios is as American and as heroic as they come. The Pat Patriot collection from NUELOW Games features four of her greatest adventures.
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The Bronze Terror is secretly the successful attorney Jeff Dixon. A Native American, Jeff fights to defend the rights and reputations of Native Americans both in and out of the courtroom... and when the law comes up short, he dons a mask and continues the fight outside court as the Bronze Terror. Real American No. 1 collects the best stories featuring the Bronze Terror.

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Each of these books not only bring you adventures by great patriotic superheroes, but they contain rules and scenarios that can get you started on creating your own adventures featuring them--as you play ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game with your friends! Stop stewing over Marvel and start reading and creating something new and better!

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