Sunday, October 30, 2016

Martial Arts Ranma 1/2 Style!

In Rumiko Takahashi's classic Ranma 1/2 series anything can be turned into a martial art--ice skating, fine dining, cheerleading... anything. With the following feat, you can do the same in your d20 System games.

The following text is presented under the Open Game License, and it may be reproduced in accordance with it. Copyright 2016 Steve Miller.

Specialty Martial Artist [Fighter, Fast Hero, Strong Hero] 
You have mastered an unusual fighting style that turns normally harmless pursuits deadly.
   Prerequisite: Combat Martial Arts or Defensive Martial Arts
   Benefit: When this feat is selected, specify a Craft, Knowledge, or Perform skill. You are the master of a fighting style that weaponizes that activity. You add ½ your number of ranks in the designated skill (round up) to your to-hit and damage rolls when making unarmed attacks. You may use objects associated with the activity as improvised melee or ranged weapons without suffering a non-proficiency penalty. In general, the objects deal a base of 1d4 points of damage with a base crit range of 19-20.
   Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time, a different Craft, Knowledge, or Perform skill must be specified. You must declare which version of the feat (if any) you are using at the beginning of each round if making a martial arts attack.

Martial Tea Ceremony (Illo by Rumiko Takahashi)

Friday, October 7, 2016

Coming Soon: 'Secrets of the Witchkind'

NUELOW Games is about to release its latest d20 System supplement--no comics, just RPG content in this one! Titled "Secrets of the Witchkind," it presents a new player character race--the Witchkind--and their unique way of wielding magic. The book also contains a bunch of feats and some talents consolidated from some of our other releases for ease of reference.

Like "Secrets of the Immortals," this is a product loosely based on a classic television programme... this one was about a witch who fell in love with a mortal and married him, and the chaos her relatives cause for them. Although slanted toward OGL d20 Modern, like the vast majority of our d20 System releases, the Witchkind can be interesting additions to any game that uses the d20 engine, especially ones that have the word "Path" in their name.

Artist Bradley K. McDevitt supplies an original cover for one, and we love it! Here is its evolution...

First there was the sketch...

Then there was the draft for approval...
Then there was the final colored version...

And here's the illo and other graphic elements combined on the cover (which McDevitt also designed for us)!

Keep an eye out for more announcements regarding Secrets of the Witchkind. Meanwhile, you should check out some of our other horror- and supernatural-themed products to help get you in the Halloween spirit! Click here to see listings and previews!