Friday, January 26, 2018

Random Adventure Seeds: Are the Kids All Right?

The kids somehow seem off. Why? Are they just kids being kids (and therefore weird) or is there something more sinister going on? That's the question that this latest random adventure seed generator asks--and there may be a problem with the kids that only the player characters in your campaign can solve!

Are the Kids All Right? (Roll 1d8)
   1. Yes. They're fine. They're 1) toddlers; 2-3) tweens; 4-5) teens; 6) college-aged and they should have found jobs and moved the hell out of the house; but they're fine. They'll grow out of it (and into who-knows-what!)
   2. No. They're dabbling in the occult and are planning to sacrifice their parents in dark rituals.
   3. No. They've been replaced with alien replicants.
   4. No. They played in that abandoned house down the street and have been possessed by evil spirits.
   5. No. They've been kidnapped by the Russian Hackers and only the player characters (or perhaps Liam Neeson) can save them.
   6. No. They have become vessels for the 1-2) Norse; 3-4) Babylonian; 5-6) Chinese; 7-8) Greek; gods and are trying to bring about the end of the universe!
   7.  No.. They are experimenting with 1-2) newly found mutant powers; 3-4) a time displacement device they sent to themselves from the future 5-6) a board game that makes them play it out in real life 4) eating Tide pods,
   8. No. They committed a crime and 1-2) they didn't do and now the party must prove their innosence and how it ws committed and who it. 3-4) they were framed by the CIA to recruit the parents. 5-6) were sent to Guantanamo Bay 7-8) are calling for bail money.

(By Steve Miller, with contributions from Dave Mendez. If you had fun with this, check out one of the NUELOW Games releases that Dave has also contributed to!)

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