Sunday, May 13, 2018

Who Killed the Banker?

Peter Davis Blane's small bank was known for its fairness in giving loans, and even for sometimes being generous with extensions if a debtor fell behind in payments... but he never let kindness threaten the profitability of his business.  He ran his bank like he ran his life--efficiently and with a velvet-covered iron fist on the tiller. And now he's dead.

Can the player characters catch the killer in the dramatic adventure that can be created around the outline that can be randomly generated with these tables?

1. In the bank vault.
2. In his office.
3. In his bedroom.
4. In his misstress's bedroom.
5. In the Impressionists gallery at the art museum.
6. In the VIP lounge at the strip club.
7. Behind the orphanage.
8. In the crackhouse.
9. In the sauna at the health club.
10. In the kitchen of his beach house.
11. In the park.
12. On a dock at the marina.

1. Decapitated.
2. Stabbed through the heart with a gold-plated letter opener.
3. Shot in the back of the head, execution style.
4. Shot 1d6 times.
5. Stabbed 1d12 times.
6. Suffocated.
7. Choked by pages of Das Kaptial shoved down his throat.
8. Broken Neck.
9. Drug Overdose.
10. Skull Crushed with a Heavy Object.
11. Beaten to Death with Fists.
12. Forced to Drink Bleach.

1. His Wife.
2. His Mistress.
3. His Drug-Addicted Son.
4. His Rebellious Daughter.
5. His Secretary.
6. The Professional Hitman.
7. The Bankrupt Business Owner.
8. The Foreclosed-on Farmer.
9. The Anarchist.
10. The Terrorist.
11. The Bank Robber.
12. Roll two more times on this table, re-rolling any additional results of 12. The first result is being framed for the murder. The second result is the actual killer.

1. Greed.
2. Jealousy.
3. Hatred.
4. Revenge.
5. He refused to cooperate with the killer in robbing the bank.
6. He refused to cooperate with the killer in embezzling money from the bank.
7. He cheated the killer out of his full share of money stolen from the bank.
8. He took money from a account belonging to a dead person that he thought no one knew existed.
9. The killer was hired by someone else. (Roll again on the "Who Killed Him" table, as well as on the Dark Secrets table to learn why the killer wanted the banker dead.)
10. He was going to come clean to the world about his own dark secret, and the killer had to stop him. (Roll on the Dark Secrets table to determine what the secret was.)
11. The murderer is insane, and will kill the other people on the "Who Killed Him" list every three days until the party stops the slaughter. (All the victims knew both the banker and the killer.)
12. As 11, but roll on the Dark Secrets table to see why the murderer is on a killing spree.

1. The bank is funded with Nazi gold (and the same is true of the banker's personal fortune).
2. The bank's main business is laundering money for a drug cartel.
3. The bank's main business is to manage CIA black budget funds, including all expenses relating to black-bag torture sites.
4. The bank's main business is funneling money to terrorist groups and "rogue regimes".
5. The killer comitted rape and the banker covered it up.
6. The killer comitted rape and got tired of paying blackmail to the banker, who had witnessed it.
7. The banker operates a child pornography and sex slave ring.
8. The killer was sexually abused by the banker years ago.
9. The banker could no longer bear keeping the secret that he (1-8 accidentially, 9-12 intentionally) killed the murderer's best friend years ago.
10. His mistress was pregant with their child.
11. He forced his mistress to abort their love child.
12. The banker killed a girl while in college, and killer had been blackmailing him about it. He was going to turn himself and the killer in to the authories.

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