Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Who Killed the Triathlete?

Marlon Booker had never met a sport he didn't like and didn't engage in at least once. He skied and swam and bike-raced and played hockey and basketball and soccer and baseball, and so on and so forth. His claim to fame, though, were marathons and triathlons, and everyone felt he was guaranteed to win the Guardian City Triathlon and thus the greatest completion of his life.

But on the eve of the big event, he was found dead.

Can the heroes discover who killed the triathlete in this randomly generated mystery adventure?

1. Floating in the lake.
2. In the high school gymnasium.
3. In the stadium parking lot.
4. In the strip club.
5. Outside the headquarters of the sports apparel manufacturer.
6. Outside his coach's home.
7. In his main competitor's living room.
8. In his bedroom.
9. In his shower.
10. In his living room.
11. In the doctor's office.
12. In the alley behind the health club.

1.Drug Overdose.
2. Heart attack (induced with an undetectable drug).
3. Stabbed 1d12 times.
4. Shot 1d6 times.
5. Hanged.
6. Suffocated.
7. Hit by a car.
8. Bludgeoned to death with a sports trophy.
9. Choked on Speedo swimwear forced down his throat.
10. Beaten to death with his bicycle.
11. His organs were harvested, his blood drained.
12. Garroted.

1. His Coach.
2. His Main Competitor
3. The Sports Company Ad Executive.
4. The High School Science Teacher.
5. The High School Cheerleader.
6. The Sports Reporter
7. The Conspiracy Theorist.
8. The Retired Marine.
9. The Cultist.
10. His Wife (1-6. Current, 7-12. Former).
11. His Physician.
12. Roll two more times on this table. Ignore and re-roll results of 12. The first result is being framed for murder. The second result is the actual killer.

1. Jealousy.
2. Hatred.
3. For the Life Insurance Money.
4. Revenge.
5. Extremely Unhealthy Competition.
6. To Protect a Loved One.
7. To Prevent a Scandal.
8. To Preserve the Existence of an Evil Secret Society. (Roll 1d12. 1-3. He was a member; 7-12. He was not a member but learned of its existence.)
9. Because he was going to expose the murderer's dark secret. (Roll on the What is the Dark Secret table to find out what it was.)
10. Because was going to tell the world about his dark secret, and the murderer wanted him silenced. (Roll on the What is the Dark Secret table to find out what it was.)
11. It was part of a larger cover-up. (Roll on the What is the Dark Secret table to determine what is being covered up. Roll three times on the Who Killed Him table, ignoring results of 12. The killer and the indicated characters are involved in the cover up.)
12. Roll two more times on this table. Ignore and re-roll results of 12.

1. Teachers at the local high school are grooming cheerleaders and student athletes for nefarious purposes. (Roll a d12 to find out what: 1-3. Indoctrination into a demonic cult, 4-6. Recruitment into a secret super assassin training program, 7-9. Vessels for alien minds, 10-12. Sex slaves.)
2. Teachers are dealing drugs to the students at the local high school.
3. A teacher at the local high school is having an affair. (Roll d12 to determine with whom: 1-4. The triathlete, 5-6. The Cheerleader, 7-9. The Science Teacher, 10-12. The Sports Company Ad Executive.)
4. A High School Cheerleader who apparently died in an accident was murdered to cover up the fact that (1-4. he, 5-12 she) was assaulted and raped.
5. The Physician has been testing experimental steroids on his patients without their knowledge or permission.
6. Aliens are using the local health club as a source of bodies to transfer the minds of their overlords into.
7. The Triathlete was a secret agent. (Roll 1d12 to determine who he was working for. 1-3. A CIA assassin, 4-6. Russian intelligence agent sent to undermine US society and unity, 7-9. US Marine in secret task force devoted to stopping a hidden alien invasion, 10-12. Enforcer for a cult devoted to bringing about the end of the world).
8. The Sports Company Ad Executive is inserting subliminal mind-control messages into his company's marketing materials. (Roll 1d12 to determine who he was working for. 1-3. The Russians, 4-6. The Iranians, 7-9. Aliens., 10-12. The Illuminati.)
9. The Triathlete and his murderer are superhuman because: (Roll 1d12 to determine the reason. 1-4. They were the product of a secret genetic engineering program, 5-8. The are human/alien hybrids, 9-12. They are literally the spawns of Satan--part human, part fallen angel.
10. A cult is performing rituals designed to open the Gates of Hell under the high school.
11. An artificial, undetectable endurance enhancer is being provided to athletes, but long-term use drives them insane.
12. Roll twice on this table, ignoring and re-rolling any results of 12. Both dark secrets were contributing factors to the Triathlete's murder.

A theme song for this murder mystery...

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