Friday, January 25, 2019

OGL Modern: The Weaponized Smirk

A feat, for the d20 System, presented under the Open Game License. Copyright Steve Miller 2019.

WEAPONIZED SMIRK [General, Social]
Your smile can drive stupid people crazy.
   Prerequisite: Charisma 12, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 13
   Benefit: On any round your character has initiative, instead of attacking, you may roll a Charisma abiility check with the character's Charisma and Wisdom bonuses both added to the result.
Hostile characters must roll Will saves with a target number equal to your total modified Charisma check, or become completely flustered with anger over the "disrespect" shown by the seemingly unimpressed target of their hostility. They suffer a -2 penalty to all skill checks, attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws for the remainder of the encounter.
   Special: Weaponized Smirk can be triggered against characters who are hostile toward the smirker even if they aren't present for the initial encounter but are merely shown a picture of the smirking character. Such characters must roll a Will save against the original modified Charisma check with a +4 bonus or suffer the penalties described above for 2d20 hours.
Whenever a character who failed the first Will save against Weaponized Smirk sees a picture of the smirking character, or is otherwise reminded of the encounter or exposure, another Will save must be rolled with a +6 bonus. If the saving throw fails, the character suffers the penalties described above.
Once a successful Will save has been made against the smirk., the hostile character is immune to future smirking, and he or she recognizes that it was stupid to react to it in the first place.