Monday, January 30, 2012

All releases for 2012 dedicated to the memory of E.S. Miller

My mother, Edel Sonja Miller, passed away today. She was 72.

She was a good sport as we used her for jokes in the original releases back in 1993 (the immortal "Fairies!", "Lust and Dust!" and "Horndogs!"). She was more delighted to see the rebirth of NUELOW Games than even myself and L.L. Hundal have been.

Some might say that it's not a sign of respect to devote collections of pulp fiction and sarcastic, cynical, and off-colour cheap-ass game products to the memory of a classy lady who spent her life putting others ahead of herself and who was loved by everyone who met her, but I know that she would appreciate this memorial more than a marble mausoleum.

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