Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Superheroes ala ROLF! in "Bullets to the Head"!

Legendary superhero couple Bulletman and Bulletgirl are back in action in the latest NUELOW Games supplement to ROLF!, as they take on the nefarious villain Der Kopf. He has not only kidnapped their son, but he is threatening to turn their hometown into a crappy place to live!

"ROLF!: Bullets to the Head" features new traits and combat maneuvers that will let ROLF! players make their own superhero characters if they want to move beyond the stuff we offer in the supplements. But you can also start playing almost immediately by using the six pre-generated characters (Bulletman, Bulletgirl, and their son Billy; along with their foes Der Kopf, his Robots of Doom, and his Flying Robots of Doom), and four linked Battle Scenarios.

During the Golden Age of Comic Books, the stars of this supplement, Bulletman and Bulletgirl, were among the most popular characters around. Bring them into the Now with superheroic rollplaying!

"ROLF!: Bullets to the Head" is on sale now at and click here to get your copy or to look at previews. The price? Just $0.60!

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