Thursday, May 10, 2012

A spur-of-the-moment feat for d20 Systems

I'm doing a proof-reading pass--I TRY to catch the bugs, even if I often fail--on "The Voice of El-Lil and Tales: Oriental Stories, Vol. 2", the next planned collection of Robert E. Howard stories from NUELOW Games. The following paragraph inspired a feat, which I am swiftly putting own here. It will be revised before I do anything else with it... or discarded if I discover that it is already identical to other ones already out there. (I am currently working on a couple of d20 System projects where something like this could fit perfectly, even if it was inspired by a bit in "The Fire of Asshurbanipal":

Steve knew that Yar Ali was a grim veteran, not to be stampeded by silly fear or senseless panic; he well remembered other occasions upon which Yar Ali’s seemingly telepathic instinct had warned him of danger before that danger was seen or heard.
--Robert E. Howard

Danger Sense [General]
The character has an uncanny knack for recognizing traps and ambushes before they are sprung.
Whenever the character with this feat enters a discreet area--a new room or corridor or stairway in a building or dungeon, a canyon, valley, mountain-face, or jungle glade in the out-of-doors, just to mention a few examples--he can may a DC12 Wisdom check to feel that "something isn't right." (The player has to request the roll, and the GM only provides the most general response that there is some sort of danger lurking in, or related to, that chamber.)
The character also receives a +2 bonus to all Search and Spot skill checks relating to locating traps or hidden attackers.

Tor waits while Gudrun tries to figure out
what triggered her "danger sense"

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