Sunday, July 15, 2012

ROLF: Chinese Take Out - Order yours at!

When two assassins with a past history meet in Seattle's Chinatown, it's a foregone conclusion that one of them will be taken out!

Check out ROLF: Chinese Take Out! Inspired by Hong Kong action flicks and the half-eaten lunch on L.L. Hundal's desk, it features a quick-playing battle scenario, four pre-generated characters, and a whole mess of combat maneuvers and traits you can use when creating your own ROLF! characters.

As an extra bonus, you can have a chance to influence future ROLF! products if you can give a reply to the Great Question.

Get your copy, or see a preview, by clicking here. Also, if you get a copy now, you might find yourself in possession of a very special, limited edition version of "Chinese Take Out", because Steve Miller has decied he doesn't like the cover, and he will be replacing it as soon as possible! (And you'll have the opportunity to get a free copy of the new version.)

The cover image that Steve doesn't like

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