Monday, November 19, 2012

Final Battle #10: Angels, Demons & Death (AD&D)

When the Grim Reaper launches a scheme to destroy all of Creation, it's up to the Guardian Angel of Supermodels and the Patron of Excess to stop him!

That's what passes for the plot in the latest ROLF! supplement, the tenth Final Battle as the predicted End of the World has still not occurred. We have high hopes for December, though.

ROLF!: Angels, Demons & Death features several all new Spellings, Combat Maneuvers, and Traits (some of which let you create your own high-flying winged characters), five pre-generated characters, Battle Scenarios, and manga-esque portraits of the demon and angel. Click here to see previews or to get your own copy for just $0.50 from

Another noteworthy fact is that this is the 50th release for ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters. Thank you to all who have downloaded our products so far!

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