Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We've just released our second annual ROLF! Thanksgiving special... and we're thankful for that, because this one was fraught with all sorts of technical difficulties! You can check it out by clicking here.

ROLF!: Turkey Shoot was partly inspired by the Sally the Sleuth comics, and it features game stats for Sally, her sidekick Peanuts, her boss Chief Brady, and all the maneuvers and traits you've come to expect.

It also features game stats for the notorious filmmaker Uwe Boll, as Sally and her fellow crime-fighters are called upon to save him from the marauding film fan Turkey Avenger. And--as an extra special Thanksgiving treat--the product also contains a small selection of the original Sally the Sleuth comics from pulp fiction magazine Spicy Detective Stories.

ROLF!: Turkey Shoot is available at RPGNow. Click here for previews, or to buy a copy now.

Our Thaksgiving release for 2011 is still available if you missed it... click here to experience Edward D. Wood Jr. saving the Pilgrims in ROLF!: Day of the Turkey.

And now, as we go off to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and loved ones, let us just express our thanks for all of you out there who share our love of gaming, pulp fiction, and trashy pop culture. We love you all, especially those of you who also happen to enjoy the stuff we put out through NUELOW Games. You we are especially thankful for.


  1. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Ordinary day on this side of the pond but enlivened by having a good read of ROLF: Turkey Shoot - I've just posted a review on RPGNow.

    Hugs from Megan
    OBS Featured Reviewer

  2. Hey! That was a super-fast review... and a great one. Thanks for the kind words. (Everyone one can click here to read Megan's review.

    And both L.L. Hundal and I had great Thanksgivings. She spent hers with family, and I spent mine with friends. :)