Friday, November 30, 2012

What should we call the next ROLF! release?

I am currently putting the final touches on the first ROLF! Cyberpunk supplement....

 It's set in the year 2042, a Dark Future in which only the rich and powerful get to wear pants. However, a brave group of cyberpunky freedom fighters are hoping to change all that--the Trouser Snakes are launching a win-or-die assault on the Wearhouse to liberate a billion or more pairs of long pants and return them to the people!

But we're struggling a bit for a title. If you see this post in the next couple of hours (and as I type this, it's roughly 16:00 Pacific Time (4pm, if you will, on the west coast of the United States), you can tell me which title you like best:

 1. Rise of the Trouser Snakes (the title L.L. Hundal and I are currently going with).

 2. Attack of the Trouser Snakes

3. Day of the Trouser Snakes

Voice your opinion by leaving a comment!

By way of a preview, here are some of the character illos that will be in the product:



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