Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Christmas from NUELOW Games!

Just in time Christmas, we bring you A ROLF! Christmas Special: The Revenge of Santos (and other heartwarming battle scenarios). It's by the same crew that brought you last year's ROLF!: Christmas Chaos, and the centerpiece of this product is a standalone sequel not only to or very first Christmas Special--Santa vs. Santos vs. Jesus--but also to ROLF!: Hawaiian Manhunt.

If that isn't special enough, there's also a battle scenario that pits Frosty the Snowman against Abominable Snowmen, and one that answers the question "what would happen if Santa tried to collect James Randi's million dollar prize for proving his supernatural powers?"

In addition to all that gaming goodness, this booklet also features a nine-page comic starring Judy of the Jungle, because nothing says Christmas like a girl in a skimpy outfit swinging from vines!

As our gift to you, in thanks for visiting our blog, you can get The Revenge of Santos for 33% the normal price by using the links in this post.

May your Chirstmas Season be filled with much gaming!

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