Saturday, November 11, 2017

(for any modern-day or near-future RPG setting)

Add a taste of current affairs to your RPG sessions with this game aid for our times with the RANDOM SEX SCANDAL GENERATOR!

Who Did It? (Roll 1d20)
1. Actor
2. Actress
3. Artist (Male)
4. Artist (Female)
5. Musician (Male)
6. Musician (Female)
7. Celebrity Who's Famous for Being Famous (Male)
8. Celebrity Who's Famous for Being Famous (Female)
9. Sports Star (Male)
10. Sports Star (Female)
11. Clergymember
12. Film Director
13. Film Producer
14. Game Designer
15. Politician
16. School Teacher
17. Social Worker
18. Doctor
19. Famous Corporate Executive
20. Royal

Who Did They Do It With/To? (Roll 1d20)

1. 1d20 Girls
2. 1d20 Boys
3. 1d20 Young Women
4. 1d20 Young Men
5. 1d20 Age-Appropriate Underlings (Female)
6. 1d20 Age-Appropriate Underlings (Male)
7. 1d20 Ballet Dancers (Female)
8. 1d20 Ballet Dancers (Male)
9. 1d20 Gymnasts (Female)
10. 1d20 Gymnasts (Male)
11. 1d20 Instagram Models
12. 1d20 Circus Clowns
13. 1d20 Police Officers
14. 1d20 Race Car Drivers
15. 1d20 Farm Animals
16. 1d20  Endangered Animals
17. An Entire Professional Sports Team (Female)
18. An Entire Professional Sports Team (Male)
19 - 20. Roll 1d20 Times on This Table; all results apply. Additional results of #20 are added together.

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