Thursday, November 23, 2017

What Ruins the PC's Thanksgiving?
(A Thanksgiving Adventure Idea Generator)

The title of this post explains almost everything you need to know about it! Happy Thanksgiving to all our Americans readers and gamers!


What Ruins The Party's Thanksgiving Day Celebration? (Roll 1d20)

1. The turkey is under-cooked.
2. The stuffing is so dry it's hard to chew.
3. The pie is burnt.
4. A guest insists on discussing politics, possibly even gun control.
5. Terrorists take hostages and demand the PCs surrender themselves to them.
6. An old enemy (or one of his/her surviving henchmen) trap the PCs and their guests in a deadly Thanksgiving-themed maze.
7. The party is framed for a crime they didn't commit and must aviod the authorities and prove their innocence.
8. Necromantic energy has animated all turkeys (cooked or otherwise) in a 50-mile radius. (Use zombie stats for the turkeys.)
9. A misbegotten attempt to deep-fry a turkey accidentally opens a portal to the elemental plane of fire.
10. Mindflayers invade.
11. President Donald Trump decides to drop in for turkey.
12. President Bill Clinton shows up seeking protection: He sexually harrassed the wrong woman! (Wonder Woman, the Sorceress of Zoom, the Love Witch... take your pick of someone powerful who might want to kick his ass.)
13. Militant vegan spellcasters transform the giant balloons in the local Thanksgiving parade into murderous creatures bent on avenging all the slaughtered turkeys. (Use Air Elemental stats).
14. Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin show up drunk for dinner. They weren't even invited.
15. The party and their guests are abducted by an extra-dimensional sorceress who is angry she wasn't invited to the party.
16. Someone brought Keystone Beer.
17. Milla Jovovich shows up pursued by freaky undead (use ghoul stats)
18. A previously unknown child of a PC shows up. Is it really his/her child, or just an elaborate ruse?
19. Roll twice on the table, ignoring additional results of 19. Thanksgiving is ruined because of all indicated reasons.
20. Roll twice on the table, ignoring additional results of 20. Thanksgiving is ruined because of all indicated reasons.

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