Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Who Killed Buck Robin?

Here's a randomly generated murder mystery adventure outline for your RPG campaigns set in the U.S., ranging from the 1950s to the present day!

Country music and rockabilly sensation Buck Robin has been found murdered in his mansion. Who did it and why? (Roll 1d20 against the tables below to find out which of the suspects did it!)

Who Did It?
1. His Alcoholic Twin Brother
2. His First Ex-Wife
3. His Second Ex-Wife
4. His Current Wife
5. His Lover
6. His Gay Lover
7. His Manager
8. His Manager's Secretary
9. His Lyricist
10. His Protege
11. The Personal Physician
12. The Butler
13. The Cook
14. The Groundskeeper
15. The Groundkeeper's Teenaged Daughter
16. The Crazed Music Critic
17. The Lawyer
18. The Guitar Manufacturer
19. Roll two more times on the table; they worked together on the murder.
20. Buck Robin isn't dead. Roll again on the table to see who he's framed for his murder. If 20 occurs again, roll two more times on the table. The first result is who was being framed, the second result is who took advantage and killed Buck Robin.

How Was He Killed?
1. Shot with a pistol
2. Shot with a rifle
3. Stabbed
4. Clubbed to death (with a weapon)
5. Beaten to death (with bare hands)
6. Pushed out a window
7. Pushed down the stairs
8. Struck with a claw hammer
9. Struck with a bass guitar
10. Struck with a mic stand
11. Garrotted with a guitar string
12. Shoved into a wood chipper
13. Drowned in the pool
14.Drowned in his bath tub
15. Car Crash
16. Burned in a fire
17. Overdose on booze and pills
18. Hanging
19. Poisoning
20. Car bomb

Why Was He Killed?
1. Jealousy
2. To prevent a political scandal
3. To prevent a sexual scandal
4. To protect a loved one
5. To avenge a loved one
6. To cover up embezzlement
7. To cover up theft of a song
8. Revenge for theft of a song
9. Revenge for broken promise
10. Sacrifice in a demonic ritual
11. The KKK wanted to make him pay
12. He discovered the killer's dark secret
13. To collect life insurance money
14. To inherit the estate
15. To stop the spread of evil magic through Buck's songs
16. For the greater good of music-loving humanity
17. Hatred
18. Self Defense
19. To cover up ANOTHER murder
20. Roll twice on the table, rerolling additional results of 20. Both reasons apply.

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