Monday, March 19, 2018

Who's Haunting the Old House?

Here's another random adventure idea generator. We hope you enjoy!

Although saddened by the passing of Aunt Millie, the Pleasantons (mother, father, high-school age daughter, grade-school age son, infant son) were thrilled to move into the isolated old house she left them in her will. At least they were until it turned out to be haunted.

Roll 1d8 on the tables to randomly generate a Dark Old House ghostbusting adventure seed and set the PCs about getting to the bottom of it all!

Art by Lee Elias

1. Strange lights and sounds are waking the family up at night.
2. Items are being moved around and drawers are being emptied and the contents scattered.
3. Food in the fridge is spoiling and all liquids in opened containers (such as milk and juice) are evaporating overnight.
4. The baby keeps disappearing from her room, but is always found safely in some bizarre part of the house.
5. The plumbing keeps going haywire with strong blasts of scalding or ice cold water, sinks and tubs backing up and causing flooding, or small fires keep erupting in the living room and bedroom.
6. The daughter keeps feeling a presence near her and she has even caught sight of a dark figure following her home from school. Someone has even torn up her clothes in her closet.
7. All electrical devices suddenly start turning on and off at random and eventually the circuit breakers trip.
8. Roll twice on the table, re-rolling any Eights or repeated numbers.

1. They aren’t. A greedy real estate developer (and supposed family friend) is trying to scare the family from their home.
2. They aren’t. A crooked antique dealer (and supposed family friend) is sneaking into the house and searching for treasure that, according to old records he found, is hidden in the walls.
3. They aren’t. The angry lover of the husband (1-4)/wife (5-8) has used a magic ritual to bind a minor demon to the house to harass the family.
4. They aren't. A kid from school has become obsessed with the daughter and is stalking her.
5. The daughter and a friend played with a Quija Board and 1d8 poltergeists now inhabit the house.
6. When the old well at the bottom of the backyard was unsealed, elemental and nature spirits were awakened and released.
7. Children playing in the back yard awakened the cursed souls of cultists sacrificed by their leader to appease their dark god (and to prevent his discovery by the authorities).
8. Roll twice on the table, re-rolling any Eights or repeated numbers.

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