Friday, October 31, 2014

A Magic Item: The Cat's Shade

Although designed for use with OGL Modern (the OGL d20 variant that NUELOW Games produces most of its OGL support for), and appearing in the forthcoming The Three Lives of Fantomah: Book Two, this magical item could be used in any roleplaying game or setting where magic is present. (Text in this post is released under the Open Game License, which means it can be reproduced in accordance with its terms. Copyright 2014 Steve Miller.)

The Cat's Shade
The Cat's Shade is a magical potion that is created from the blood of a cat sacrificed during an evil ritual. When consumed, the user is transformed into a cat identical to the one killed. He or she has all the usual game statistics and abilities of the appropriate type of cat with the following adjustments:
   * Can only be harmed by spells, enchanted weapons, or cats.
   * The transformed character retains his regular Intelligence and Wisdom scores.
   * The character retains all his usual skills and spellcasting abilites. although the cat form may limit the use of them.
   The transformation lasts until the next sunrise after the potion was consumed, or until the user wills the transformation to end, or he or she is killed.
   A sacrificed cat yields five potions. They are sometimes found among the belongings of evil shamans or leaders of demonic cults. There will be 1d3 of such potions present, and the lot transforms the imbiber into one of the follow cats (roll 1d6 to determine which):

   1. Domestic House Cat
   2. Lion(ess)
   3. Tiger
   4. Panther
   5. Leopard
   6. Cheetah

These potions are never available for sale. They can be "commissioned" from shamans or cultists with the knowledge of how they are created, and the price is always performing a service for whatever dark faith they serve. (The time to perform the ritual is three days, which includes capturing the cat, sacrificing it, and creating the potion.)

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