Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Mystery of Becker's Pond

People are vanishing in the woods near Becker's Pond. Why? How? You and the player characters in your roleplaying game campaign can find out in a scenario inspired by an illustration by Bryan Baugh that you can create based on a randomly generated outline.

How do the Player Characters Become Involved (Roll 1d6)
  1-2. They hear rumors of strange happenings near Becker's Pond.
  3-4. A friend asks them to find a loved one who has disappeared near Becker's Pond.
  5-6. They hear a friend has vanished near Becker's Pond.

How Many Disappearances Once the PC's are Involved? (Roll 1d6)
  1-2. 1d2+1 results off "Who Vanishes First", the proceed to "Who Vanishes Next?".
  3-4. 1d3+2, with "Who Vanishes First" checked once, then "Who Vanishes Next?" once, then the rest on "Who Vanishes First".
  5. Alternate between "Who Vanishes First?" and "Who Vanishes Next?" until a result is duplicated on the "Who Vanishes Next?" table, or the player characters are attacked.
  6. Check "Who Vanishes First?" twice, then roll on "Who Vanishes Next?" until a result is duplicated or the PCs are attacked.

Who Vanishes First? (Roll 1d6)
  1. 1d3+1 skinny dipping teenagers.
  2. 1d2+1 fishermen.
  3. 1d3 hunters.
  4. 1d3+1 bird watchers.
  5. 1d2 couples at Makeout Rock.
  6. 1d2 hikers.

When Do People Disappear? (Roll 1d6)
    1-2. Middle of the night.
    3. Shortly before sunrise.
    4. Shortly after sunset.
    5. During the daytime.
    6. No predictable time. Roll on this table each time a disappearance is to occur in order to determine when the next one happens. Ignore and reroll additional results of "6".

How Long Between Disappearances? (Roll 1d6)
  1-2. 1d6+4 days.
  3-4. 1d6+1 days.
  5. 1d+6 hours.
  6. Roll after each disappearance to determine when the next will happen.

Who Vanishes Next? (Roll 1d6)
  1. The local conspiracy theorist.
  2. The minister's daughter.
  3. The Instragram model.
  4. 1d2 hunters.
  5. 1d4+1 frat boys.
  6. The player characters are attacked, either a single individual or as a group. If they lose the fight, they are among the vanished. (Player characters investigating the pond are the ones attacked. If none are investigating the pond, the smallest group of them that are together are attacked. Roll on "What is Responsible for the Disappearances?" to see what attacks the player characters.)

What Is Responsible for the Disappearances? (Roll 1d6)
  1. A creature that's escaped from the secret lab of a man scientist (use earth elemental stats).
  2. The vengeful spirits of two bullied teens who drowned themselves in Becker's Pond in a suicide pact have returned to exact revenge (use wraith stats)
  3. A cult of devil worshipers (1d6+1 together at any given time--unless their numbers are reduced through combat with the PCs and/or having been arrested; total of 13 cult members).
  4. Space aliens have a secret base underneath the pond. The vanished people are being subjected to hideous experiments.  (Vanished victims are still alive and may be rescued if the PC's enter Hell if a 1 is rolled on a six-sided die. Roll for each victim.)
  5. Pollution in the pond has coalesced into a monster that is oozing from it in search of prey (use water elemental stats).
  6. A gate to Hell has opened in the pond. Victims are being seized by demons and dragged into the underworld. (Vanished victims are still alive and may be rescued if the PC's enter Hell if a 1 is rolled on a six-sided die. Roll for each victim.)

How Can the Disappearances Be Stopped? (Roll 1d6)
  1-2. The evil must be destroyed.
  3-4. The powerful international conspiracy that is truly behind the disappearances must be exposed.
  5. The pond and forest must be cleansed with the magic generated by two Native American artifacts when they are brought together.
  6. Atlantean druids must bless the pond and forest around it. And then the evil must be destroyed.

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