Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Magic of Tacos!

Some magic items (and an artifact) that every d20 Modern game needs! (Heck, maybe every d20 System game needs these!)

Taco of Healing
Restores 1d6 hit points when consumed. It also nourishes the character for an entire day. (Tacos of healing come in batches of 3, 9, or 12.)

Montezuma's Taco
Appears to be a taco of healing but is actually cursed. When consumed, the character that eats it must roll a successful Fort save (DC18) or be sickened for 1d6+2 days. A successful save means the character is only sickened for half the number of days rolled (round down).
   There is a 2% chance that any taco of healing may is a Montezuma's Taco.

Super Hot Sauce of Courage
Apply to any food item. Consuming the item afterwards requires a Fort save (DC9) and will cause the diner's eyes to water and nose to run, but he or she gains a +1 bonus to DC/AC, Will and Reflex saves for 6 hours.
   Applying the Extra Hot Sauce takes one round. Consuming the food takes 1d3+1 rounds.

Neverending Bag of Tacos
What appears to be a grease-stained paperbag with a logo featuring a smiling, big-toothed cartoon character in a sombrero above the words "Comer Grandes" is a actually a powerful artifact. If examined with methods that reveal magical auras, the Neverending Bag of Tacos radiates a very slight trace of Summoning magic.
   Every 24 hours, bag produces 2d4+2 tacos,although the bag only appears to contain at most two tacos at any given time. When the last taco of the day remains, there is only one in the bag.
   Whenever someone pulls a taco from the bag, it is that person's favorite kind of taco. The number of tacos the bag can provide resets every day at sunrise.

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