Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Add a little love to your ROLF! battles!

ROLF! co-creator L.L. Hundal provided this little Valentine's Day gift to all gamers who like the Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters... Cupid ala ROLF! ("He can be added into just about any battle scenario if there's an extra player, and a little extra chaos is wanted," she wrote.)

Dead-Eye: The character hard ever misses with a ranged weapon. He or she reduces ATT check results for ranged attacks by 4.

Cupid (Male)
Brawn 13, Body 15, Brains 4
Traits: Dead-Eye, God, Nimble
Combat Maneuvers: Basic Attack, Dodge, Strike Pose, Run Away!
Important Stuff Worn/Wielded: Bow (Small Ranged Weapon, Deals 2 points of damage), Ever-Full Enchanted Quiver (Provides unlimited shots for bow).
Special Notes: Twice per battle scenario, Cupid may shoot other characters with Love Arrows. He can keep trying to hit targets, but once two have been struck, he cannot fire any more Love Arrows that scenario. Targets struck by a Love Arrow immediately falls deeply and insanely in love with whatever character is closest to them in the fight. The target can only use the Strike Pose and Seduce combat maneuvers against the love object. The target may use combat maneuvers against other targets in the battle as normal. If the object of the target's love attacks the target and deals damage for two consecutive rounds, the magic of the Love Arrow is broken and the target can once again use all combat maneuvers freely.

Cupid: He's the Power of Love!

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