Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Power to Cloud Men's Minds....

While thinking about a number of superheroes who make little or no attempt to hide their faces when they have "secret identities,"--such as Superman or the Purple Tigress-- the following Superpower Talent Tree came to mind. (It is for use with the superpower system presented in Madden's Boys, but introduced in this post, on this very blog.)

You have the power to make others see you differently than who you actually are.
   Prerequisites: Wis 12, Cha 12, Minor Power feat
   Indescribable: By performing a minor, ritualistic change to your appearance—like taking off a pair of glasses (Superman) or wearing a particular costume (like Purple Tigress)--your appearance is slightly different to everyone who views you. Even photographic and film equipment produces images that appear subtely different to those who look at it. As a result, everyone describes the hero slightly differently when this power is in effect, not so different that the character isn't recognizable to those having conversations about him or her, but different enough that the dual identity is hard to penetrate. ^You can choose to reveal your dual identity to one or more people, after which they are never effected by this power again.
   Unquestionable: No matter how flimsy the explanation, you usually convince people who should know better that you are not the superhero that you've never been seen in the same room with. You must roll a successful Bluff skill check (DC8) to be successful.
   Unremarkable: When you choose, you can go unnoticed, no matter how outrageously dressed you may be, or how out of place you are. You must roll a successful Hide skill check (DC8) to be successful.
   Prerequisite: Indescribable
   Invisible: You have the power to become invisible to everything but sophisticated electronic recording equipment; you do not lose mass or body heat, so you are still visible to those who can can infrared or heat signatures, and pressure sensors will also record your presence.. You can move about and even talk (or laugh maniacally, or even do Orson Welles impersonations) without being seen. You can even used ranged attacks against targets without becoming visible. If you use a melee attack, your opponent sees you, and everyone else may make Spot checks (DC12) to see you. Otherwise, all those who attack you have a 50 percent chance to miss. (If the attack roll hits, the 50 percent miss chance is applied.)
   You must make a successful Concentration skill check (DC8) to successfully activate this power.
   Prerequisite: Unremarkable

The Purple Tigress has the Indescribable power, but cannot become Invisible.

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