Monday, February 1, 2016

The LEAST popular clip art packs from NUELOW Games

We take some pride in everything we release, so when something doesn't do well, we hope it's because you out there just didn't notice. Today, the spotlight is on the LEAST successful art packs released as part of our NUELOW Stock Art Collection.

First up, there is NUELOW Stock Art Collection #13: The First Americans. This is the first set that the creator of ROLF!, L.L. Hundal, edited for us. It features art by the same contributors you'll find in our sci-fi themed packs like Rockets & Rayguns. However, it didn't do as well... maybe clipart featuring Native Americans is too narrow a niche to have a market or audience?

Then, there is NUELOW Stock Art Collection: The Werewolf by Pablo Marcos. This small collection of werewolf action shots also under-performed. Was it because we released it at Christmas time when people were thinking of elves and sugar plums? Are werewolves like Native Americans in the sense that the set is targeted at too narrow a niche? Whatever the reason, we think that's a shame, because we love Pablo Marcos's art, and we think it would look great in projects out there.

Does anyone out there have an opinion on NUELOW Games's art collections? Do you want to make a comment? We'd love to hear from you--and that goes double if you have a theory regarding the lack of love for NUELOW Stock Art Collection #13: The First Americans and NUELOW Stock Art Collection: The Werewolf by Pablo Marcos.

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